Itchy Boots tries Enduro - THIS IS HARD! [S4 - Eps. 10]

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In this episode, I am trying the ultimate king of the off-road motorcycle sports: ENDURO! And well, was that a bit more difficult than I anticipated. The tall, aggressive enduro bike threw me off a few times, so I switched to an electric KTM. With that lower and easier bike, it was still technical and difficult but a lot more manageable!

For this episode I went to Belgium, and met up with Thierry Klutz, who has been riding enduro for 37 years and competed in all the major world championships. It was amazing to get taught by such a legend in this motorsports!! He also brought Tim Louis with him, a young talent who just switched from motocross to enduro and starts riding enduro championships this year. The two of them really pulled me through this! If you want to know more about Thierry - check out https://www.fmwb.be/stages-moto-pour-enfants-de-8-a-17-ans/ or http://www.sport-adeps.be/index.php?id=6142 (both in French!).

This is also the last episode of season 4 (FOR NOW!). The Netherlands has been in a lockdown for a few weeks now, and still is.. So the episodes I still had planned, had to be cancelled unfortunately until further notice. I am going to use this time off YouTube to further work on my new website, which is going to replace my current blog www.itchyboots.com. I hope it will be ready in February. Then I will also let you know what my travel plans will be, because I WILL resume my journey soon again. Life has to go on. LET'S GO!

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